Monday, December 21, 2009

My kick ass letter to the Salvation Army

Captain Stephanie Dennis
Corps Officer
The Salvation Army
Santa Monica Corps
1533 Fourth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Dear Captain Dennis,

I regret to inform you that Antioch University Los Angeles can no longer participate in the Angel Tree project. Since last we spoke, I have been made aware of some troubling business practices that your organization engages in that will prevent us from further participation.
Antioch University is dedicated to diversity and tolerance and we do our best to ensure that those with whom we partner are aligned with our goals and mission. Some of the practices that The Salvation Army has engaged in are in direct opposition to our mission and purpose. Most recently, The Salvation Army’s public stance supporting Proposition 8 is something we find untenable with regards to any further partnership.
While we do certainly appreciate and applaud the work you do for individuals and families in need, we hope that your politics with regard to the L.G.B.T. community become more tolerant. I’m sure if your organization’s stance on this issue changes we will be happy to partner with you in the future.

Thank you for your efforts,

Daisy Eagan
Master’s in Psychology Program Coordinator
Antioch University Los Angeles
CC. General Shaw Clifton
CC. Philip Swyers
CC. Victor A. Leslie