Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who Designed These Packages??

Yesterday we met our back up doctor, Dr. Chin.  He is lovely.  He clearly believes in home births and seems to have a good relationship with our midwife.  And we hope to never see him again.

Dr. Chin did an ultrasound (likely the last we will have) to do some official doctory-type checking.  Turns out our little bundle of joy isn't so little.  S/he's measuring a week ahead of schedule. Given that Kurt and I are fairly small people, we're not sure what business Krumholtz has becoming a giant.  Very inconsiderate...

We also received this adorable onesie yesterday from our good friend Andrew: 


Cute, right?  Never mind that it's fleece and we live in southern California and it will be August when the baby will fit into it.  I registered for it because it's damned cute.  So, whatever.

Anyway,  here is a picture of the box it came in:

The box is over three feet long and 10 inches wide.  The onesie is sized for a 15 pound person.  In case you're having trouble visualizing the odd size discrepancy, here's a picture of how it looked when we opened the box:

The brown thing next to the onesie is the "padding", included, I presume, to prevent the fleece onesie from... breaking.  The giant, protruding purple orb is my belly.

The same day I learn that Krumholtz's design is larger than his packaging, I receive a large package whose contents are far too small for it.

The universe mocks me.  And so does Amazon.