Friday, August 9, 2013

dot dot dot ... dot

The other night I had a gig in West Hollywood and had to find street parking.  There were brackets painted on the street delineating parking spots.  I parked, making sure I was within the brackets, and headed to my gig.

When I returned to my car I found this on the windshield:

along with a loogie hocked onto my windshield.

Chalk it up to exhaustion.  I NEVER take more than one spot.  I'm always really careful about it.  What kind of idiot city uses one set of brackets for two parking spots?

I'm wondering what the ellipses is for.  "Don't do it again...." or what?  He's going to kill me?  And why the extra "dot".  Were three dots not enough?  Was the extra dot meant to indicate how serious he was?  As if the loogie wasn't indication enough.  "I'm so mad I'm going to put my bodily fluids on your stuff!"

Anyway, the joke's on him.  My car broke down and I have to get a new one, so even if I DO take two spots again (....) HE'LL NEVER KNOW IT'S ME!!!!!

Who's the douche now? .... (him).