Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Boy Band Song I'm Writing

This is finished, but it goes a little something like this:

Hey, girl
I'm sorry, I mean "Woman"
Would you mind very much
I interupt you for a second?
You clearly are a Godess
SO, I'm sure you can expect it.
I know you didn't ask for my opinion
But believe I have good intention
And I just can't help but mention
I heard you talking on the phone
And I was struck by your attention
To the proper use of syntax and grammar.
So I just gotta ask
Woman will you use my hammer?
I've been searching for someone like you
So forgive me if I stammer
But woman please, oh please, will you use my hammer?
You see, the head of me bed is broken
I tried to fix it by myself and I was hopin'
To meet a strong and able-bodied person
Who would be open
To helping me with some light carpentry!
Oh, won't you do some carpentry with me?
I'm no good at math and it requires geometry

To Be Continued...