Monday, August 25, 2008

Am I missing something?

In today's Los Angeles Times is an article about George Damaa, a California man who killed 3 people in a car accident (one of which being his girlfriend). He suffered from "post-concussion syndrome, which affected his memory and changed his personality." He could not remember the accident, nor could police put together strong evidence that Damaa was at fault. He was found guilty of several misdemeanors despite the lack of evidence. He has been unable to work since his release from prison. His psychiatrist, Dr. J. Victor Monke is quoted as saying, "It remains a mystery why he can't let it go."

Now, I may not know too much. I don't even have my B.A. and the Psychology courses I've taken have largely been undergraduate level. But even with my cursory knowledge of the human psyche and trauma I can say, fairly confidently, that Mr. Damaa's inability to "let go" of his own involuntary murder of his girlfriend and two other innocent people, followed by amnesia, a crappy trial and spending 2 years in prison is hardly a mystery. I mean, come on. That one is fairly clear-cut, wouldn't you say?