Friday, May 13, 2011

Thank you, Mr. Crackhead!

Wednesday morning, I woke up with a gnarly headache and asked KB to move my car for me so I wouldn’t get towed.  He grabbed my keys and headed out.  He returned a minute later and said, “Um, where did you park?”
“Right across the street,” I said from under the blanket.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought. . .”

The next 4 hours were spent locating my VIN and license plate number, finding someone to take me to the police station (because, you know, your car was stolen, so of course, they shouldn’t come to you), uselessly reporting the theft to the police and to my insurance company (with which I only had liability).

As my car was a Honda Civic, I'm fairly confident that my chances of getting her back before she's been stripped of all her parts are pretty low.  As my car was an older model, I had been hoping she would hold on until I was "ready" to go back to New York, at least for a couple months.  So, I thought I had more time.  In retrospect, though, I don't know what "ready" means, exactly. 

The only real tragedy in this is that I had an original painting by Theoni V. Aldredge of one of my costumes from "The Secret Garden" in the trunk.  I was going to take it to a frame shop to have the glass replaced.  It was in my trunk for months and months.  Another lesson in not procrastinating, I suppose.

So, without a car and with enough money saved to either buy another shitty car OR float me for a couple months without a job, I have decided to see this as an opportunity.  I have been in L.A. for over 8 years.  In the words of Randy Newman, I love L.A.  The weather is ideal.  I have a beautiful apartment with a beautiful partner and two amazing little doggies.  I have a respectable job.  I have friends.  In short, I have what might pass as a real life here.  So, why stay?  You know?  Why relax into something comfortable and relatively successful??

So, I am officially announcing the formation of a committee (consisting of myself) to explore the viability of completely uprooting my life and stability by going back to NYC for a bit!  I’d like to get there before things completely die for the summer.  So, this is going to happen, like, soon.

What’s that you say?  “Is there anything I can do to help?”??!!  Why, yes, there is!!!!  I’m hoping my parents will find it in their hearts to let me stay with them, but I sure could use some kind of part time work (that doesn’t involve serving people food or drinks) to keep me in Metro Cards.  I have held a job at a university, keeping a Master’s in Psychology program running smoothly and moving forward for over 3 years now.  I have stellar references and I’m fun to be around!  If you know of anything, please send it my way!  I will be eternally grateful and will give you comps to my next Broadway show (Stay with me here, folks)!!

Yay social networking!