Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You asked for it.

In which I continue answering "fan" questions.

Anonymous asks:  What are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about LGBT equality.  People ask me why this is and I always want to answer, "What are you, stupid?"  That's like asking a white person who was passionate about the civil rights movement why they were passionate about racial equality.  But really, I think people who ask me why I'm so passionate about LGBT equality and rights are just trying to find out if I'm gay.

I'm also passionate about food.  And sleeping.

eaganr@earthlink.net asks:  Dear Daisy Eagan I enjoyed your performints in Baa Baa Black Sheeps my question is where did you put the peanut buutter?

Thanks!  I'm glad you liked it!  I put the peanut butter in the cabinet next to the fridge.  No, no, the other one.  No!  The one on the left.  Yes, right there.  Right there!  Right in front of your face!  Well, that's where I put it.  If it's not there, I don't know where it is.  Check the fridge.

lizbeckham@gmail.com asks: In a back alley rumble, clearly you'd be leading your gang to victory. Who would be in your posse and what are each of their signature moves?

My posse would be as follows:  You, for your withering stares.  My dad for his fascinating stories which would distract the other gang.  Chicken for his farts that would clear out the alley right quick.  And that lady I always see on the F train who carries a sock full of locks for protection.  And a llama.

marc.cooper@usc.edu asks: When we gonna see each other?????

In March when I get back to L.A.  I've basically been trying to connect with your for the past 9 years.

Anonymous asks: Where do you keep your Tony Award? Which brand of "Tony Polish" do you recommend to maintain its winning shine? (Congrats -BTW)

Thanks.  I keep it on a shelf thingy in our dining area.  Next to a picture of my mother and my Menorah.  I have never once polished my Tony.  You should ask Audra.  I bet she knows.

gators3836@att.net says:  Hey Daisy, I heard that you are going to be doing a show in 
NYC on New Year's Eve. I would love to be there to see you and watch the big ball drop. But, I just can't make it. Good luck. and I live in Jacksonville, FL. I heard that you might be in Tampa, FL soon for a show. Do you ever go out and have coffee or a beer with your fans? I'm buying :-) and Daisy, have you seen the Broadway play 'Anthing Goes?' What about 'Wicked?' What did you think? Can you dance like the girls do in 'Anything Goes?' Your friend forever - Joe

Thanks, Joe!  I am going to be doing a show on New Year's Eve.  Here's my shameless plug:  Bamboo 52 on New Year's Eve.  Show starts at 9pm.  No cover!  Free Champagne!  Lots of Broadway singers belting out the tunes to ring in the new year!  What a deal!!!!

I will be in Tampa with Love, Loss and What I Wore.  I don't usually socialize with people I haven't met (I barely socialize with my friends).  I just don't want to be one of those people who ends up dead in a back alley.  Not that you would kill me and leave me in a back alley, I'm just saying.  But, by all means, meet me at the stage door after a show!!!  

I have not seen either of those shows.  But I can tell you confidently, I can not dance like the girls in "Anything Goes".  Learning dance combinations for me is like math.  I see it being done by someone else, I know it can happen technically, but it makes no sense to me whatsoever.  I recently played a Follies girl.  That was a riot.

And Hannukah@hannuka.com asks by way of my website:  Happy Hanukkah...why do yo hate Sarah?

For clarification purposes, I retweeted Sarah Palin's post in which she wishes all us Jews a happy Hanukkah and goes on about Israel as if she really cared about us Jews and wasn't just concerned that the Jews need to be back in Israel in order for the rapture to come or whatever it is her people believe.  So, I retweeted it and said, "No thank you.  Just go away."  To which I received the above response/question.  So here is the answer:

What is there to like?  She's a dim-witted, hateful cooze with nothing but a handful of moose turds rolling around in her head.  She knows absolutely nothing about anything, least of all about our country.  She's a useless human being.  She has almost no political experience at all.  She represents a lot of what is wrong with this country.  The only thing I'd vote for her for would be Village Idiot.  Happy Hanukkah to you too!

Thanks for the questions everyone!!

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