Monday, December 19, 2011

Your questions answered here!!

Some of you have taken the time to ask me questions via my fanbridge site.  Thank you for this and I'm sorry for the delay.  But here it is, 17 answers to 17 questions: asks: if you could have an ideal role in a play, musical, film, and you could choose every aspect of the role, what would be your composite of that person?

Good question!  And very hard to answer.  Right now I would really like to do more comedy.  I guess if I could will a script to arrive at my door with an offer attached it would be for a play with music and I would get to play a woman who is strong, smart and funny with a mezzo/belt range.  It would have some social relevance, but not be obnoxious about it.  If there could be a cute person in the show I could make out with every night, that would be a nice bonus.
If it were a TV script, I would basically want it to be Parks and Rec.  Best show on TV. asks:  Any word on your car? I hope you get your painting back!!!

So, for those of you who don't know, my car was stolen from directly across the street from my apartment in May.  Since I am a slob and a procrastinator, there were many things of varying value in the car.  There was an X-box that I kept meaning to bring to the Goodwill, my GPS thingy, my tailored three piece suit and a few posters and paintings with broken frames that I kept meaning to bring to the frame shop for re-framing, among which was the original water color painting of my final costume in The Secret Garden, painted and signed my Theoni V. Aldridge.  That was the thing I was most worried about (aside from the actual car, that is).  
I filed a police report, which, of course you have to do in person at the station because, having just lost your mode of transport, you should also have to worry about getting yourself all the way across town to report loss of said mode of transport.  I called the station a few times over the next couple weeks to see if my car had been located.  I did not have high hopes, but I called anyway.  Two weeks later I got a call from a police impound lot.  My car was found, completely intact.  Turns out it was 2 blocks south of my apartment, parked in a red zone.  It was being ticketed at the very moment I was reporting it stolen.  Why it took another 2 weeks to be "found" is beyond me.
The car was fine, except the shitheads who stole it jammed a screw driver into the ignition thingy and busted that, so I had to get that replaced to the tune of about $180 or something.  Between that and having to PAY TO GET MY CAR OUT OF THE IMPOUND LOT, I was out about $400 or so.  The Xbox was still in the back seat right where I left it.  So were the posters and the painting.  If fact, the only things they took were the GPS thingy which was crappy and old anyway and. . . my suit.  My guess is the guy's nephew was about to turn 15 or something and he needed a suit.  After all, I bought the damned thing at Boys Hollywood Suit Outlet.  No joke.
So, I got the car back.  But not after I decided to use the loss of it as an excuse to go to NYC for a month, which I did.  I came back to L.A. in July and promptly quit my job for two consecutive acting gigs, which led to two others.  So, really, at the end of the day, I owe the douche bag who stole my car a debt of gratitude! asks:  Mary Ann or Ginger?  Favorite city you have ever visited?

I had to Google this.  That's how little I know about Gilligan's Island.  But, based on the pictures, I'm going to have to say Mary Ann.

My favorite city is Sienna, Italy.  I would live there in an instant.  Although I also loved the Isle of Skye, Scotland. asks:  Where's my toothbrush?

It's in the cup on the shelf above the sink. asks:  How do civil engineers deal with the problem of paving roads in freezing conditions?

They wear lots of layers.

Anonymous asks: If you could change only one thing about yourself, what would it be?

How little I have in my bank account. asks:  Swallow or spit? You promised to answer!

I spit because that's what the directions on the bottle say to do. asks:  What's the worst thing you've ever done?  

Wow.  Okay.  Well, I shoplifted a bunch of times from a store that had previously been very good to me.
Oh, also, I murdered someone once.

Anonymous asks: Favorite lesbian and why?

Right now my friend Jo is my favorite lesbian.  She's nice and fun and I like hanging out with her. Some of my other favorite lesbians include my friends Beth, Melanie, Tara, Heather and Crys.  Also, Lisa Kron and Alison Bechdel. asks: Hey Daisy, I loved "The It Factor." I even taped some of the episodes. How was it for you? Was it a good experience overall? Anything specific about it that was good or bad for you?

Thanks!  Overall it was a good experience.  There were aspects of it that were annoying, but all in all, it was good.  I'm glad it happened when it did because reality TV wasn't really a thing yet, so it didn't have the stigma it has now.  I don't think I'd do a reality show now.  Oddly enough, people in L.A. LOVE that show.  It was always the thing casting directors would bring up from my resume.  But I don't think it did much for me career-wise, one way or the other.  I'm glad you liked it! asks: Have you ever had black cock? and Bra size? I'm thinking 36B

So, let's first all take this opportunity to thank for his 3 really inspired  questions (although, I suspect he's also the one who asked me the brilliant questions regarding Lindsay Lohan).  Let's all email him about how cool he is, shall we?

So, to your first question: I don't know.  I suppose some of the chicken I have eaten has been of the cock variety, but as to their color, I don't know.  Do you recommend black cock?

And none of your business and you're wrong.

That's all I can do for today.  I have to go to work.  Stay tuned for the next installment of whatever this is!