Sunday, November 27, 2011

I got NO game!!

Transcript of a g-chat:

cheervanessa1:  hi
 Sent at 2:21 AM on Monday
 me:  who is this?
 cheervanessa1:  Im ashley. Dont you remember?
 me:  don't i remember someone named ashley whose user name is cheervanessa1 and has no picture?
um, can't say that I do
 cheervanessa1:  No sorry not on this computer
 Sent at 2:23 AM on Monday
 me:  Oh... right.
 cheervanessa1:  Hey whatss upp??? 22/F here. u?
 me:  jesus christ
 cheervanessa1:  Hmm. Havee we chatteed b4????
 me:  hmm.  i donteee thinkee soeee
 cheervanessa1:  Oh ok. I wasnnt surre. Anywayss... Whats up?
 me:  gee wiz, nothing!
 cheervanessa1:  Oh Im Iiike so boredd. Theres notthing to do.
Oh wait l gott an idea... haave u ever watcheed a girI sttrip on ccam?
 me:  you're super smooth.
 cheervanessa1:  Well... Do u want 2 watch me stripp on my cam?
 me:  i bet you really are a 22/f
i'm the prince of siam
 cheervanessa1:  Yeah? Ok you have 2 signup on thiss site that my ccam is Ilinked through so l can not bee recorded. k?
It onlyy takes a ssecond and itt is freee. ook?
 me:  and i want to take you away on my magic carpet to a land of lollipops and butterflies
and make you my queen
 cheervanessa1: goo thhere then at thee top cIickk on thee goIden JOIN FREE bbutton ok?
 me:  boy oh boy!  how'd I get so lucky??
 cheervanessa1:  K babee weII hurryy up. When you get Ioggged in then vieww my webcam an we can havve some funn
 me:  Before I join your porn site
i need to know a couple things
 cheervanessa1:  I aIso havee somme toyz ;-X buttt u have 2 tipp me some gold orr ttake me in priivate to see thoose.
 me:  just a couple
 cheervanessa1:  Hey Iets taIk on their my messenger is meessing up.
 me:  no
it has to be here
tell me your opinion on the russia/georgia conflict
and also, who do you think will make a better president, Cain or Romney?
Personally, I think it would be Cain.  For the comedy of it.  Plus which, I think he would be impeached faster.
sugar plum?
where'd you go?
What kind of toyz do you havee?
 Sent at 2:30 AM on Monday
 me:  Do you havee a wooden labyrinth?
Do you have a hoop and stick?
Ooooh!  What about one of those things with the metal track and the wheel thingy that travels on it and you have to try to get it to one end and then the other?
Do you havee that one?
Connect Four?
Damn it!  This happens every time!!!
 Sent at 2:33 AM on Monday