Monday, June 3, 2013

The Letter (Addendum 1)

Dear Monty,

Firstly, I need to amend a claim I made in my last letter to you in which I stated that The Office was a good series until about season 4 or 5 and then "went off the rails".  This was precipitous and based on a few weak episodes in season 5 and a handful from the final season I managed to catch while waiting for Parks and Rec to come on at 9:30.  However, recently I have found myself with an abundance of free time and I watched all 8 seasons of The Office on Netflix and I'd like it to be stated for the official record that I was wrong.  All in all The Office was a very strong and well written show throughout its first 8 seasons (at least).  Furthermore, John Krasinski is a phenomenal comedian.

Now that that's out of the way...

I keep promising to post the rest of your birth story, having posted the first half last week.  But this keeps happening:

Also, this:

Also, it turns out that it's nearly impossible to type and breastfeed simultaneously.  And you eat a lot.  Like, a lot.

In the meantime, let's point our readers toward a couple awesome ladies of the internet.

Follow Lindy West on Twitter and read her column.  She says the things in my head only way more eloquently and smart and stuff.  Also, watch her school Jim Norton on Totally Biased about the culture of rape jokes:

And follow Rosie R. on Twitter and read her incredibly well written and insightful blog.


The lady attached to the boobs.